Techcross Inc.

Since its establishment in May 2000, Techcross has been growing into a global leading company in electrolytic water management through continuous research and development.

The Electro-CleenTM System (ECS) by Techcross integrates the environmental paradigm with shipping industry by obtaining the word’s first Basic Approval from the IMO in 2006. Final and Type Approvals were obtained in 2008 and USCG approval in 2018.

The Electro-CleenTM System (ECS) from Techcross employs electrolysis within the ballast pipeline to cause an active substance, sodium hypochlorite, and hydroxyl radicals to break down cell membranes and disinfect the ballast water. Seawater passes through an Electro Chamber Unit (ECU) placed after the ballast pump, and the disinfectants generated by electrolysis process are used to treat the harmful microorganisms.

Compact sized ECS is easy to fit in the limited space of any vessels and each component can be located in a separate and flexible manner even in the limited space.

Contrary to general expectation, ECS consumes 3.4kW only to treat 100㎥/h of ballast water at 30psu, which may not require replacement of the existing generator. This advantage can save you a lot of money on additional retrofitting costs. In addition to easy installation, operating cost of ECS by Techcross are much lower compared to the other systems on the market.

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