Dellner Brakes AB

Dellner Brakes AB is a Swedish company founded in 1941 that develops, manufactures, markets and maintains brake solutions for industrial and marine applications.

Their main product is the STL-system wich is a multi-function unit all contained in one single interface:

Stopping: The hydraulic or electric spring released disc brake stops the brake disc quickly in any position.

Turning: Indexed turning’ (iT) uses controlled hydraulic cylinders to turn the brake disc forward to a precise, indexed position.

Continuous turning’ (cT) uses an electric gear wheel to move the brake disc and attached shaft to any position – forwards and backwards ­– or turn the disc continuously, all with variable speed.

Locking: When the brake disc is in position, the locking device inserts a specially designed tapered pin (or ‘pawl’) into a machined slot on the brake disc to lock the disc securely in place.

In September 2017, they acquired US brake and clutch company Gummi USA, extending our product range to include high quality drum shaft brakes, reduction gear clutches, torsional couplings and rotary unions.

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