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Steel going strong!

Founded in 1993, Corrosion is a leading international supplier of solutions for cathodic hull protection and anti-fouling for maritime and offshore sectors with a global network of service points.

Vessel protection can be achieved in several ways and Corrosion knows how to do:

  • Sacrificial anodes;
  • Impressed Current Cathodic Protection (ICCP);
  • Anti-Fouling System (ICAF) or Marine Growth Protection System (MGPS)


An Impressed Current Cathodic Protection system from Corrosion protects all the submerged metal parts of the vessels.

Their ICCP system offers many additional benefits compared with sacrificial anodes, such as far cheaper to operate in the long-term, almost maintenance free and long Service life (25 years).

Moreover, their systems can be connected to the vessel management system.


Corrosion Anti-Fouling System or Marine Growth Protection System is a guarantee to effectively prevent biofouling in box coolers, intakes and strainers.

The operating principle is based on an artificially triggered voltage difference between the copper anodes and integrated steel plate cathodes.

The copper anodes are connected to a power unit which has a complete set of controlling functions and guarantees the amount of dissolved copper as required to be added to the seawater is the lowest. The service life of the anodes is prolonged to the maximum and perfect protection is assured under all conditions.


Sacrificial anodes are cast with high-efficiency alloys and are characterized by being light-weight and having a high amperage output.

They can function economically and efficiently without any maintenance during the operating period to control the corrosion.

Furthermore, after installation, there are no labor costs involved and no electrical supply is required.

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Sacrificial anodes