Air Products AS Norway

Air Products AS Norway was the first company to commercialize hollow fiber membranes for air separation onboard ships and offshore installations. The first on-site nitrogen generation plant using hollow fiber membranes onboard a ship was installed in 1984 and the first on an offshore platform in 1985.
Air Products’ proven nitrogen gas production technology delivers high purity nitrogen using significantly less feed air than many competitive systems, enabling customers in various industries and locations around the world to produce an economical on-site nitrogen supply.

To date, Air Products Norway has delivered more than 1200 PRISM® membranes nitrogen systems on a wide variety of ship applications, and more than 220 PRISM® membranes nitrogen systems for offshore installations.
All systems Made in Norway.

After Sales, Service & Support
Our worldwide After Sales, Service & Support are fully handled from Norway, with additional support from our worldwide agent and service network.

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